Facebook – A Social Network or A Spying Machine ?

facebookFacebook is becoming a mass eater , facebook is extending its borders day by day. Company is continuously giving the statements about providing a new era of social connection with full privacy.  Its a believe of many experts that social media spying users data. A question arises in the mind of many ” Is the company really doing what it is saying ?”.


The answer is no . According to a report Nation Security Agency (NSA) has a control on Facebook’s server through which NSA can easily have a look on your private chats , messages and the activities performed by your computer. NSA has successfully exploited the increasing addiction of facebook to make its job a easy one. There is no doubt that they are doing all this for the sake of security of their country but what about the PRIVACY ?

They can do this kind of Digital Spying in their country but why are they targeting the users around the globe.
Facebook also occupied Whatsapp , But how can we say that they will not use it for the purpose of spying or they will not keep an eye on us? The answer is still not sure. By observing all the facts and updates on this issue it would not be wrong to say that a company started from a social network has now turned in spying machine.


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