How to Download Instagram Videos Using Telegram

Social media sharing is quite a common thing between all of us. Earlier when the speed of internet was not so good, there was a trend of sharing image, photos with friends. Today we have a great technology which¬†is allowing us to use the internet with nice speed. So nowadays a lot of videos are getting shared among the users on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform is being used widely all over the world. Officially these platforms and other social media sites don’t give its users any option for downloading the videos shared by users. But there are many ways and tricks you can use to download Instagram videos for free.

Yes You read it correct. Not only from Instagram but also you can download Videos from other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. not only from PC but mobile also. Pretty cool right? You can do it in 10 simple steps below. So lets see how it works.

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Step 1. Open Instagram app on your mobile. To open just click on the Instagram Icon on your phone.


Step 2. Go to any video in Instagram.


Step 3. Now open the menu to by clicking on the 3 dots(can be seen in the image below).


Step 4. Click on Copy Share URL to copy the URL of the video.


Step 5. Now open Telegram app by clicking on Telegram icon.


Step 6. Open chat of any friend or another number of yourself.


Step 7. Press on hold the text box.


Step 8. Click on paste the URL of video copied from Instagram.


Step 9. Press send button to send the URL.


Step 10. Click on the download icon.


And boom.


You have that Instagram video on your phone. Pretty simple, pretty cool. Share this brand new trick with your friends and Write comments for feedback. Enjoy

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