Is Microsoft Responsible for the Ransomware Attack

ransomware-bhmlabsIn this biggest cyber network almost everyday we hear the news about taking down a website, server take down, spreading of malicious programs, etc. These attacks are done for various reasons like fun, revenge and of course, money. Today the world is suffering from the biggest ransomware attack in cyber history and big population is asking this question that is Microsoft responsible for the ransomware attack.

Yesterday the biggest media site Twitter was suffering with a problem. It was showing something a technically wrong with Twitter each and every time when use clicks on their profile picture. Who knows it was an error or an attack. Read about it here – something a technically wrong with Twitter.

What is Ransomware

Those who don’t know about ransomware, It is a malicious program which is getting spread over the internet. One a system becomes victim of it, It completely blocks the access to that system or computer. And it asks for a certain amount of money in the form of bitcoins and after the payment is done, it releases the system by itself. It is really dangerous because it affected many banks, schools, hospitals because of the world is in the lose of a big amount of money and also some people who got dead because of stopped systems in the hospitals.

How Ransomware Works

These kind of malicious programs or some people call viruses are not in the control even after the use of antivirus. Still some people are blaming Microsoft of it. The reason behind it is that today also a big number of systems in the world are running on very old operating systems like Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 98 and old Microsoft Windows servers. These old operating systems are based on really backward technology. Microsoft stopped giving any support and updates to these old systems event knowing that a large number of systems are running on these OS. Some of the old softwares are only compatible with these old operating systems, that is why they are getting used in today time.

According to some people, if Microsoft had given the support and updates to those systems so they could not get unauthorized access so easily. But as reported be many great hackers of the world is that security is actually just an illusion. There is nothing which you can’t be in.

So everybody is thinking differently for this attack and making their own conclusion. Share your views with us in the comments.

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