Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks (Stars)

Many of my friends asks me to tell a way with which they canĀ Reveal Hidden Password Behind Stars. This is an important post for all those who have left their important account with “Save Password” option in the browser and have forgot the password to make any important update in their account. There are several ways to reveal stars but we are going to discuss a simple one.


Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks

We will discuss this method for different browsers but the working principle will remain the same.

Google Chrome

It is quite simple just go to the text box containing your hidden password and right click on it and click “Inspect Element” then a new section of code will appear on the screen containing a piece of code like this –
google chrome asteriks
<input type=”password” name=”password” value=”this-is-my-password”>

the only thing you need to do is change type=”password” to type=”text” or to make it quick I will say that the password is stores in value=” ” in this case the hidden password is “this-is-my-password” .


Just follow the same procedure till Inspect Element and after clicking on Inspect Element press ALT+M to open mark up panel in which you can find <input> tag and follow the same procedure.

It is almost same for all the browsers. You can easily come to know while doing it practically. If you like this post kindly give your value able comments below.
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