Something is Technically Wrong with Twitter

twitter bird logoToday social media is an essential part of our lives. Everybody is connected to each other within a giant network of social media. To share your views, feeling, or anything you want, you can use the medium of social media. Some of the most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Billions of people are using them all the time. So these sites should be working and running properly always. As these are all technical things so there could be some errors and bugs which is pretty normal. Sometimes these sites or their server get down or it can show up with some errors. Something is Technically Wrong with Twitter because it also got an error today which is not a good news for its users.

At the time you click on your display picture on the top right and then click on View Profile, users are getting errors like below.

Something is technically wrong with twitter

Big companies and brands like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc recovers with these kind of problems very quickly. Its been more than 30 minutes with the error which Twitter is getting. We hope that they will fix it soon so their users got feel it bad.

BHMLabs will update you as soon as Twitter get recovered.

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